Learn The 3 Major Types Of Management Styles

Types Of Management Styles

Managing a business is important in order to get things done, make the most of time and resources, and produce desired results for maximum profit.  A good manager has a big responsibility and must combine anticipation, flexibility, and decisiveness to take advantage of opportunities as they develop and address problems before they become a threat.

The style of management would depend on the nature of the business, the competition, and the personality of its owner.

Experts have studied different management styles and categorized them under three major types of management styles.

1.        The General

He or she is the sole decision maker, issuing orders that need to be obeyed according to rigid directions.  This style, also referred to as the autocratic management style, exercises total control and leaves no room for negotiation or compromise.  The manager clearly lays down a course of action and closely supervises its execution.  This style is suited for operations where decisions need to be made quickly.  It is appropriate when dealing with rank who will direct new employees who need to be told exactly what to do and how.  The military-like precision provides a sense of urgency and sets clear expectations.  But since the communication is only one way, employees may not feel that their opinions are valued.

2.        The Listener

Unlike the General, the Listener welcomes ideas from employees and considers their inputs in formulating a decision.  This consultative style of management encourages staff to speak their mind by providing channels of communication such as group discussions, suggestion boxes, and in-house newsletters and message boards where everyone’s opinion can be heard.  The Listener makes workers feel trusted and have a say in the conduct of the organization.  This increases worker enthusiasm and loyalty which in turn results in higher productivity.

3.        The Delegator

Also described as the democratic style of management, the Delegator assigns tasks and allows workers to make their own decisions on how to effectively accomplish them.  This type of manager also makes an effort to get the consensus or majority view on important operational matters.  This gives employees a sense of importance thereby boosting morale.  By delegating responsibility and showing trust, the Delegator contributes to the personal growth of employees and helps develop their confidence.  While many organizations recognize the empowering nature of the Delegator, the consensus building often leads to prolonged discussions, which delay the making of decisions.

Mix Types Of Management Styles

Each business organization operates under a unique culture and must constantly adapt to ever-changing market conditions.  This calls for periodic re-invention and part of the process is a readjustment of the management style it adheres to.  While one style could be practical today, a market development could render it ineffective tomorrow.  Different competitors, new technologies, and pressing consumer demands require different management styles.  In fact, a mix of styles is necessary to be able to effectively respond to challenges.  Knowing which one to use is a skill that could make a difference for the organization.  Keep in mind that a good General wins in times of war; a Listener draws strength and wisdom from numbers; and a Delegator empowers people to realize their potential.  While any one of them can guide a business toward success, combining their strengths could be the most brilliant decision a manager can make.

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